Cradle Photo.jpg





Concepts, 2015
In collaboration with Skye Ray

Advisors Andy Law and Robert Bristow, 2016.

The Dometric Subscription supplies people with all home goods necessary for life.  The system begins at birth with the Cradle, the first object an infant interacts with in their new home. The Cradle and the accompanying accessories assure parents that their child is being brought up in the best possible way. Throughout life, subscribers would receive regular shipments of new pieces for their homes including the grid closet.


"Aura" - Each subscriber would be represented by their aura derived from colors mined from their social media. 


"Life Grid"
One box for each day of your life with red boxes indicating Dometric Subscription delivery days. 


The first item in the Dometric Subscription system. Made from birch plywood laminations, maple, and merino wool roving.


"Cradle" - Detail


"Grid Closet"
Poplar & canvas

Glass work in collaboration with Aliya Zafar

Harwood-Furniture 3.jpg